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Junior Kickboxing Classes in Maltby, Killamarsh, Long Eaton and Dronfield... From 4 Years & Over. With countless testimonials over the years from many of our students that have changed their lives using the many benefits that come with practicing the martial art of Kickboxing. Our Junior Kickboxing programme (theninjacollective) has many benefits for children. And these benefits go beyond just keeping them fit and healthy; they provide qualities and life lessons that are unde

5 Ways Martial Artists Think Differently

Some individuals get born into a life of Martial Arts. Others pick it up to get fit or help relieve stress. When you decide to make the martial art of Kickboxing a part of your life, you’ll learn to see the world through a fresh perspective, while getting into the greatest shape possible. 1) They learn to adapt and evolve. By kicking and punching focus pads, shields or the heavy bag activates muscle groups in your legs, abdomen and lower back. When it comes to training they’r

5 Tips for Developing Positive Behaviour in KIDS

Below are my top 5 tips for promoting positive behaviour with children. One of the things we have learned from teaching thousands of children is that a little hard work and dedication, in the beginning, can make life a lot easier and help to forge a greater skill set later in life. 1) Use humour - Make students laugh.  Firstly it stops me taking myself too seriously, but it also helps to create a more positive and enjoyable environment to be in. Laughing and joking also helps

5 Health Benefits for Adults in Martial Arts

f you are an adult who is looking for a way to lose weight, strengthen your body and otherwise get healthy, you might want to consider signing up for martial arts classes. Not only do martial arts help you gain more confidence, learn self-discipline and become better prepared for self-defence, but it offers a wide variety of health benefits as well. Here is just a few of the health benefits adults who take martial arts classes enjoy. Build Strength No matter what type of mart

If you’re feeling tired, frustrated, uninspired, this one’s for you...

Yes, you – The one that got sucked into the world of negative thoughts and emotions. It can sometimes feel like everything seems to be rolling downhill, and maybe even feel like there’s no way to get back up to the top. Especially when that little voice inside maybe muttering away with “Not after what just happened” or “I can’t tonight, I have too much work” or “ What’s the point? I gave all that effort and still ended up with nothing but disappointment”. Then that tempted fe

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